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10 Good Reasons to Start Boxing!

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Boxing has become the ultra-trendy discipline to absolutely practice to be in the game! This sport has many advantages that we will list.

1. It’s varied

Boxing is a sport with multiple specialties: French boxing, Thai boxing, boxing, MMA, boxing sweats … There is something for all tastes and for all levels. The difference is based on the body targets it is allowed to reach. Moreover to find you there we have prepared a guide Arts-Martial . In any case, it is a sport in which you will not have the opportunity to get bored, but above all, there is necessarily one of these categories that is made for you. And if the confrontation scares you, but you still want to attend physical training, the boxing sweatshirt can be the solution.

10 reasons to start boxing

2. It is inexpensive

Boxing is a sport that is practiced in a club. So in general, the cost is the price of a license year. You can also practice this sport in gyms at an affordable price. Some boxing clubs in Paris like Le Temple Noble Art , La Salle , Apollo Sporting Club , Battling club or Sweat Boxing offer courses from 20 euros.

10 reasons to start boxing

3. That’s the secret for a dreamy silhouette

If boxing is primarily a combat sport, you can not deny its benefits on the silhouette. During a boxing training we jump, we run, we unleash … In short, we spend a lot of energy while working the muscles in depth. Therefore, the body is refined and takes shape over the sessions. And the result is usually visible fairly quickly. So still not motivated?

10 reasons to start boxing

4. We burn a lot of calories

The expenditure of calories is a subject that usually obsesses women (and some men). We like to know that for example during a jog of one hour 500 calories are burned. For the same time spent in a boxing gym count about the same number of calories. Boxing is, in conclusion, a sport that allows you to spend a lot of energy.

10 reasons to start boxing

5. This is an opportunity to meet nice people

Boxing training takes place in a group. Of course, we need opposition when it comes to the ring. And as we know, in the effort we necessarily create links. So one of the good reasons that would push us to go boxing is the possibility of meeting nice (necessarily nice because it is sports).

10 reasons to start boxing

6. It’s great for your health

In recent years, sport has more popular than ever before. Facing the practice of sport, it seems that a collective awareness has taken place. We are more and more concerned about our state of health and as we know, sport helps to maintain itself on all fronts. We also pay more attention to the image that our body reflects. Boxing can be the solution to stay healthy. This is a practice called “cardio”, that is to say it is based on endurance. Which is more generally excellent for the heart.

7. It’s trendy

Boxing is a sport that has the wind in its sails. The number of practitioners is growing and especially they are becoming more varied. Men, women, young, older … it is a sport that brings together a large number of people in the same friendly atmosphere. The image of boxing has also changed since some celebrities have confessed to being completely addict. Like Eva Longoria or Adriana Lima, that helps to improve the image of a discipline.

8. We let off steam

By definition, boxing is a fighting sport. The training sessions consist of punching sessions in the bags. A good option for romping. If you feel stressed, boxing is the solution to empty your head. Exit the hassle of everyday life, the time of training we discharge, a point that’s all!

9. One learns to defend oneself

Although not a self-defense sport, boxing remains a combat sport. What help us to have some basics. Besides being able to impress friends in the evening, in a more pragmatic way, boxing teaches us to defend ourselves. During a boxing training, one gives punches, one makes hooks or one multiplies the kicks. It can help us gain confidence!

10. We can practice it with friends

Boxing is a friendly sport that we can very easily practice with friends. It’s a unifying practice, so all you have to do is find your crew and jump into the water … Or climb the ring!

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