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Best Boxing Body Protector: Our Top Picks

best boxing body protector

What is a boxing body protector? Or as some people like to call it, the “boxing belly pad”

These body protectors are pieces of protective safety gear that keep your body from getting torn up when you are sparring with an opponent and training with a coach.

And to be honest, Every boxing gym should be using the body protector. This plays a major role in the boxing training. Here you will learn everything about the body protector, how to choose the best body protector as well as a few of our top picks for the best boxing body protector award.

Initially, we explain the benefits of the body protector in training. Next, we give you a best review about the boxing body protectors.. Finally, you will get better idea to buy the body protector.

In combat sports almost all hits are allowed. It is for this reason that you should never give up the necessary protection to practice this discipline without endangering your health.

To prevent injuries and limit the impact of your opponent’s blows, you will need good protection without fail: tibial protectors, boxing headgear, boxing body protector, elbow pads, knee pads, anklets and a mouth guard to start.

The boxing team will serve to protect you from the blows while allowing you to move agilely and deploy your combat techniques.

Do not miss this article, we share the review of the body protectors: If you want to know about the review of different body protector, continue reading.

But First Why Should You Even Get Started With Boxing?

Boxing is a dynamic sport that has strengths for form and mind. This combat sport allows everyone:

Boxing improves cardiovascular fitness, endurance and breathing

The regular practice of boxing muscle the heart and cardiovascular abilities. Boxing is therefore work breathing, breath and allows the boxer to gain endurance.

Boxing develops reflexes, agility and coordination

Boxing is a sport that helps to be more alert, agile and fast so as not to be surprised by the opponent and receive shots. The boxer also works the precision and the coordination of his gestures for a better mobility in the space.

Boxing makes muscles work and tones the body

The regular practice of boxing helps strengthen his body. The arms, the legs remain the main areas toned during the effort.

Boxing helps to relieve stress and improve self-esteem

Boxing can go beyond his abilities and push his limits. Throughout the training, it helps to feel better and promotes confidence and self-control.

best boxing body protector

Review of Best Boxing Body Protectors

1. TITLE Gel Body Protector – The Best

Multilayer foam of 3”

Extra protection from GEL (Gel Enforced Lining) system

Lightweight  ( 6.1 pounds)


3 nylon straps which is adjustable

Large “striking area”

TITLE Gel Body Protector is very protective and sturdy but surprisingly it is still affordable.

best boxing body protector

Its padding is thicker and it has multi layered foam (3″) in order to feel very safe and comfortable. It gives cover to the upper body, it protects well the liver, upper chest and spleen areas. You will experience the shots more on the upper chest and solar plexus. Whatever and how heavy the punches may be, it absorbs shock incredibly.

It is little heavier and bulky than the other model, its adjustable strap makes it to fit better. This body protector is heavier than the Fairtex Belly Pad, so always prepare to work little harder. Finally, the inner liner has the ability to wick the moisture.

​Ringside Gel Super Body Protector – Most Popular Body Protector

Gives full coverage​

Synthetic leather material

Gel Shock system

Hitting targets reinforced with DAT (Dome Air Technology )

Lightweight (3.7 pounds)

Completely adjustable straps (back and shoulder)

best boxing body protector

Is this the first body protector you invest in? Then this is the right choice, because it is the affordable product surprisingly with best quality, it strikes nice balance in between protection and portability.

Its weight is under 4 pounds, this body protector can take huge number of hits. The gel interior and DAT technology works well.

Among all body protectors, this ​ringside gel super body protector is adjustable, though the strap system does lose points for being slightly more complex than some others.

RDX Boxing Belly Pad – Cheapest Body Protector

Weightless belly pad

3″ multi-layer padding

Weighs 2.2 pounds

Velcro is Adjustable and it has single size that fits all

​The RDX Boxing Belly Pad is one of the most affordable model among the previously listed product, but it is the amazing boxing body protector in its price.

Its design is compact, it does not cover the full body, that is it’s not a perfect fit to practice punches on the chest.

best boxing body protector

It covers the belly part and the sides but not the chest. Its midsection hitting target is bit broad, this extra protection is really appreciated.

The RDX Boxing Belly Pad straps are easy to put on and take off, with this adjustable Velcro and single-snap attachment gives you 2 styles of wearing.

We are at the end of the review of the best boxing body protectors. I hope this article will be useful for all of you.

What is Our Recommendation?

Although there are many other options to and brands that you can choose from, we would only suggest you try these body protectors out. The reason for this is that most of the protectors are made and designed by top boxing brands who put time, effort, and money into their products.

With that said, if you buy one of these boxing body protectors then you can rest assure that you are getting some of the best quality around at an affordable price. If you are on a budget then we would recommend the RDX boxing body protector, as this is an excellent choice for beginners and will serve its purpose. If you are a more advanced user then we would recommend the Title Gel Protector because it without a doubt by far the best boxing body protector out on the market right now.

One thing is for sure though, do not train, and definitely do not spar without wearing one of these because you will end up getting hurt and wishing that you did have one on when you do.

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