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The Best Boxing Shoe Brands

how to choose best boxing shoes

So we all know that we need to wear boxing shoes but a lot of us beginners do not know what the best brands of boxing shoes are.

Here are some of the best brands in boxing shoes that is mostly loved by all. In this article, you can come to know more details about each brand. And you can be able to select your best brand.


NIKE boxing shoes – the most popular brand


It is not without reason that NIKE one of the favorite brands of boxers especially in the United States. On their boxing shoes, all the qualities are combined to please the biggest numbers. They are comfortable, powerful, durable and very elegant (probably the most elegant and aggressive design). In addition, their different models of shoes are ideally located in several price ranges, different heights and styles. In general, those who started with NIKE do not change to another brand.

Adidas boxing shoes – the best value for money


Although this brand is certainly at the same level of quality as Nike, it is still not as popular. It may be for a question of marketing, in any case if you like this brand you will find models of quality, quite the height with a report quality-price very interesting.

Adidas is a very good choice for us European, because the quality is very good (as good as the most famous American brands) and there are many choices for a price often lower than the American brands on which taxes are added.

Adidas Box Hog 2


This is the evolution of the Box Hog, an old model of the very popular brand with rubber outsole and EVA midsole. The open-meshed upper part allows air to flow through its boots-type boots while additional padding ensures a secure fit. The heel part is also padded, which provides additional comfort in addition to the EVA midsole, reducing shock and stress.

It is a durable and comfortable choice that is perfect for beginners and intermediate level boxers.

Adidas KO Legend 16.2


The Ko Legend is one of the most effective boxing shoes on the market. This model offers all you need to support boxing performance with a swivel outsole that allows for quick movements. These shoes surprise by their lightness and are very popular because they fit like a glove at the foot of the wearer. They are equipped for this purpose with a synthetic microfiber leather upper that provides good support, good breathability and improves the technique by making each movement much more fluid. As they are comfortable and light, they are perfectly suited to sparring and training (shadow, jump ropes, bag, etc …)

The one-piece EVA insole provides good cushioning, light weight and wear resistance, which is essential for boxing. The rubber outsole features pivot circles to support movement, grooves for flexibility and rounded edges for maximum surface contact.

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