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Muay Thai Vs Boxing

Muay Thai and Boxing are similar sports disciplines that involve different punches and blocks in order to defeat an opponent. The main difference between the two is in fact that Muay Thai allows you to hit with your legs, while boxing only allows hand punches. In fact, Muay Thai practitioners have the possibility to use divers punches and blocks with their hands, arms, legs, and feet which involve the entire body into a battle. Boxers …

here is pic of a young woman sparring with a boxing partner at the gym
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What are the Benefits of Boxing For Women?

So ladies, what are the benefits to this intense sport? Women, as a more sensitive gender, are a frequent target of various criminals. They might be victims of a violent husband, robber, rapist or any other type of a villain. It means they are at risk greater than men, so it would be wise to have some way of protection if anything similar happens. Boxing is definitely an efficient martial art that can help you …