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how to choose best boxing shoes
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The Best Boxing Shoe Brands

So we all know that we need to wear boxing shoes but a lot of us beginners do not know what the best brands of boxing shoes are. Here are some of the best brands in boxing shoes that is mostly loved by all. In this article, you can come to know more details about each brand. And you can be able to select your best brand.   NIKE boxing shoes – the most popular brand It …

the importance of wearing boxing shoes
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The Importance of Wearing Boxing Shoes – Why You Should Wear Them

It is easy at first sight to believe that boxing is simply a sport where only punches really matter. This discipline requires much more than just hitting his opponent. Much of the technique in this sport lies in the footwork hence it is important to wear good pair of boxing shoes. Because it is just as important stay protected from punches as it is to throw them. For a good practice, choosing the right boxing …

boxing for women benefits
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10 Good Reasons to Start Boxing!

Boxing has become the ultra-trendy discipline to absolutely practice to be in the game! This sport has many advantages that we will list. 1. It’s varied Boxing is a sport with multiple specialties: French boxing, Thai boxing, boxing, MMA, boxing sweats … There is something for all tastes and for all levels. The difference is based on the body targets it is allowed to reach. Moreover to find you there we have prepared a guide …

tips for beginners in mma
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Top Tips for Beginners Entering The Sport of Mixed Martial Arts

The beginning should not be overly hard. It is more like a preparation for harder and more complex levels. Beginners can face various issues at the start, and it is normal. That is the same for every type of sport that requires a lot of energy and different skills. It takes time to build it up from scratch so the patience and persistence are necessary if you really want to succeed. What is Martial Arts? …

here is pic of a young woman sparring with a boxing partner at the gym
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What are the Benefits of Boxing For Women?

So ladies, what are the benefits to this intense sport? Women, as a more sensitive gender, are a frequent target of various criminals. They might be victims of a violent husband, robber, rapist or any other type of a villain. It means they are at risk greater than men, so it would be wise to have some way of protection if anything similar happens. Boxing is definitely an efficient martial art that can help you …