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MMA and other combat sports

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is extreme. It’s definitely not ballet. It’s full on contact, combat sport. The fighters undergo body – machine transformation before entering the ring. Nevertheless, MMA cannot exist as a standalone sport. It includes techniques from various martial arts and combat styles.

The sport allows for striking and grappling. Moreover, the action happens when fighters are standing as well as while they are on the ground. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and few other promotions have popularized the sport globally. There are safety precautions in place to make this sport ironically civil.

Not just MMA, all other combat sports are extreme too. Let’s have a preview of other combat sports, some of which contributes to the MMA as well.

  • Boxing: Boxing never fails to provide the spectacle. Movies like Rambo should refresh your memory on that. It helps you strike blows at will. The punches cannot be more precise. The likes of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson attracted audience to this sport. It helps you build a better base for entering MMA. Most UFC stars use their boxing skills to excel at UFC. Connor McGregor won two championships, thanks largely to his lethal left hand.
  • Karate: It is a Japanese martial art that is popular worldwide. Some of the better known talents belong to Hollywood. Likes of Bruce Lee, Claude Vann Damme and Jackie Chan is still fresh in our memories. Karate involves handling of weapons, psychology, spirituality, strength and precision. Evidently, it’s not a namesake art. There are a few devastating karate techniques aspiring MMA fighters needs to know. The art has always been used to cross train for MMA.
  • Kickboxing: Kickboxing is the sport that allows you to kick and box. Fighters thrive on the stamina of a boxer and flexibility of a high kicker. Moreover, the sport includes some clinching too. That makes kickboxing looks like a type of MMA. Kickboxing as a broader term includes Muay Thai, Indian Boxing, Sanda, Savate, Burmese boxing and a few styles of Karate. Nevertheless, in a narrow context, it refers to Japanese, Dutch and American Kickboxing primarily.
  • Taekwondo: It’s one of the safest combat sports around. It’s an Olympic sport that needs no special promotion. It’s most about kicks, mostly coming from your lead leg. The long list of safety equipment makes it the safest combat sport. It includes head gear, torso protectors, chest protectors, mouthpieces, arm pads, foot guards, shin guards and what not. Kicks from the lead leg are not as powerful as those coming from the more powerful rear leg.
  • Wrestling: History of wrestling dates back to ancient the times. Moreover, it’s an Olympic sport as well. Training starts from working on your overall physique. It has the most enduring training regime. It helps a great deal in MMA. When the fighters go down on the mat, wrestling skills come to better use. Greco-Roman wrestling style is often exhibited by MMA fighters. The celebrated debate in MMA circles is which of the wrestling styles – Greco-Roman or Freestyle – is better suited for the ring.

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