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Muay Thai Vs Boxing

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Muay Thai and Boxing are similar sports disciplines that involve different punches and blocks in order to defeat an opponent. The main difference between the two is in fact that Muay Thai allows you to hit with your legs, while boxing only allows hand punches. In fact, Muay Thai practitioners have the possibility to use divers punches and blocks with their hands, arms, legs, and feet which involve the entire body into a battle.

Boxers are quite limited there because they can use only a set of allowed hand punches, and they can strike only particular parts of opponents body. that’s why Muay Thai is definitely more brutal and efficient combat technique that requires the work of the entire body and allows for throwing punches straight to the lower body and upper body.

Boxing originated from Europe and is played all around the world including the Olympic games. The Muay Thai is originating from Asia, Thailand, and it was developed during the Burmese and Siam war.

It existed even before, but it reached great popularity due to the successful implementation during the battles. However, it is not as popular as an ordinary box, and it is only played in a limited number of locations and arenas. That’s probably because potential brutality that might arise from the match in which both opponents use all the body resources in order to defeat the second one.

Muay Thai Striking Vs Boxing Striking?

When you compare Muay Thai with boxing, you will certainly notice the hand punches are quite similar or even the same. The practitioners use similar types of hand blocks to avoid the opponent’s hits and take similar body positions while attacking and defending themselves.

However, Muay Thai practitioners have to learn to attack and block hits with their legs solely. The boxers only have to learn movements which are very important during the fight. These are just some of the tips and techniques that these guys use during sparring sessions to keep yourself protected from harsh blows to the abdomen.

So the leg work is going in that direction for them. Muay Thai is often faster due to these aspects. The fighters might quickly enter the clinch trying to defeat the opponent as fast as possible by providing serious of hits all over the opponent’s body. However, it is only virtually possible in particular circumstances that only a master fighter can perform. Boxing is often slower martial arts when it comes to comparison with Muay Thai. It relies more on patience and a perfect moment to hit the opponent.

One of the popular tactics in the box is to tire off the rivals. Their conscience will fall at a lower level, so you might find out them unprepared to block your hits. Those moments are usually perfect to give them a few series of punches and finish the match with a knockout. However, many matches are finished without a knockout and the points determinate the winner at the end of the last round. Muay Thai can be also finished in the same way, however, it is less frequent that both players end the match on their legs. Boxers will most often rely on their leg movements while attacking and avoiding attacks from the opponent.

Muay Thai practitioners are quite limited there. They will not move too far and too fast around the opponent. Their position is more static, and they have more possibilities when it comes to hitting. They can choose the most appropriate punch from a series of many in accordance with the current situation. If an opponent is too far while holding a nice block with hands, then a Muay Thai practitioner might try to hit it with a leg for example. The boxers, on the other hand, do not have such an opportunity, and they have to wait for a good chance to attack opponents while their blocks are down.

With all of these aspects on the mind, you can easily conclude Muay Thai is much more similar to Kickboxing than ordinary boxing. Kickboxers use their legs while attacking opponents and the two discipline have so much in common.

Muay Thai Gear Vs Boxing Gear?

Boxing equipment, for example, might be different than Muay Thai equipment to some degree. Practitioners of both disciplines use gloves, but their gloves are not the same. Boxers use bigger version specifically intended for hand punches only, while Muay Thai practitioners use smaller gloves suitable for different types of clinches. It means boxing gloves are little heavier and more robust, but the shape is mostly the same. Practitioners of both disciplines might use below the gloves as additional protection for their hands.

Muay Thai Vs Boxing: Conclusion

Muay Thai practitioners also use MMA shin guards to protect legs and their opponents from hard punches. It would be quite dangerous to hit a player with an unprotected leg because it would potentially lead to mutual injuries on both sides. The shin guards are also great when it comes to the leg blocks since they reduce the pressure and potential pain. Boxers, on the other hand, do not have a need for such a type of protection because they simply do not use legs for punches and blocks.

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